Should The XFL Houston Roughnecks Sign Tom Savage?

First of all, to the idiots who don’t think Texas is the best state in America, the XFL announced their eight teams and Texas has TWO of them:

For the non-mathematicians, that is 25% of the XFL teams in Texas. So, if there was any debate, this ends it. Texas is the go-to state for all things Football. Which in turn makes us the best state in America.

Now, to Tom “Savage” Savage.

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Right now, he is fighting for a backup position in Detroit. But I know, Tom. Tom is not a backup. He’s a starter. He’s a guy who brings pizazz and flare to the QB position. Which is why I think he would be a perfect fit for the Houston Roughnecks. The Roughnecks are looking for a QB that will make a splash. Put asses in the seats. Tom is looking for a city where he has experience in and that will give him an oppotutniy to be a starter. Match made in heaven.

Only problem I see is that I hear Tom is not looking to take a team friendly deal. Quite the opposite actually. He is looking for a 7yr/$45K deal. Pretty steep. The Roughnecks will surely have to move some numbers and players around to make it work. But if they can finally bring a Championship football team to Houston, I think the risk is worth the reward.