The Best Of Popeyes

Ever since the new Popeyes chicken sandwich launched, it has been all the rage on the internet and city streets. People of all shapes, sizes, religious beliefs, political views, athletes, fatasses, just screaming from the hill tops about these sandwiches.


The demand for these sandwiches led to Popeyes busting out moves straight from Chick-Fil-A’s and Footlocker’s playbooks:

But then hysteria hit. Popeyes ran out of chicken sandwiches. This one unfortunately hits too close to home, as I was a victim of this. I drove my fatass 15 minutes to Popeyes and sat in a 30 minute line, in the middle of the workday, on Tuesday, because I had enough. I didn’t want it, I needed it. Well, they were out of fucking buns. I still ordered three spicy chicken tenders, two biscuits and mashed potatoes. Ate it all in the car before I even got back to my office.

Anyways, some people weren’t as chill about it as me:

Athletes, they’re just like us:

And then, after a week of being caught in the middle of a viral internet meme, the workers were gassed.

Not all heroes wear capes.

This lady signed up to make chicken tenders, not chicken sandwiches.

Fortunately, it wasn’t all negative, there were actually entrepreneurs and businesses born from these viral chicken sandwiches:

BunB even got into the mix:


But at the end of the day there can only be ONE best chicken sandwich in the game. Is it Popeyes? No. Chick-Fil-A? No. Wendys? Nope. McDonalds? Hell no. Taco Bell? Sure hope not. So, then who is it? You know who it is:


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