Houston Texans

Do The Dallas Cowboys Have To Cancel Their Season?

DeAndre, they have families! You could have just let ESPN hurt them with this video:

You didn’t have to go and kill them! Now the Boys cant play no more!

But I get it. DeAndre knows one speed and that’s full speed. You have to respect it. Killer instincts are killer instincts. He sees a weakness and exploits it. It’s what has made him successful in this league.

Despite this video, the Cowboys are still saying they’ll play the Texans in this Saturday’s preseason game. I’m not convinced. How can they possibly take the field after an IG beatdown like that?

I can almost guarantee Zeke wont show up. Wouldn’t be surprised either if Amari claims to be “injured” and he too doesn’t play.

Also, you have to wonder what stand up comedian/Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry “Got Jokes” Jones, thought about the IG post? Bet the old man got a good chuckle out of it.


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