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Zeke Speaks From Cabo

In 2019, your retweet is your word. Zeke has spoken loud and fucking clear. He believes he’s the best RB in the league and he aint going to take less money than Gurley.

This retweet wasn’t from years, months or even days ago. It was from TODAY. You think that was a coincidence?? Or that Zeke is sticking up for Melvin Gordon, saying Melvin’s the best RB and deserves to be paid 15% to 20% higher than Todd Gurley? No. No, he is not. He’s talking about him fucking self.

So, all these news outlets that say a deal is imminent, that Zeke is taking a deal close but not equal to Todd Gurley, they are just full of shit. I’m looking at you:

I would like to think the Cowboys brass are as smart as Joe Thomas when it comes to how contracts work, and I would surely hope they wouldn’t be dumb enough to insult our star running back with an offer that’s less than Gurleys.

Most likely, the hold up is the Cowboys have offered Zeke more than Gurley money but it just isn’t in that 15%-20% range. My guess, the offer is about 5%-10% more than Gurley and Zeke is playing hardball until he gets to at least 15% more. And why shouldn’t he? He is the best running back in the league. He’s a Hall Of Famer. If the Cowboys don’t want to pay him like he is than another team sure as hell will.

So, until then:



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