Andrew Luck: Your Next Houston Roughnecks QB1

Look, I hope Andrew can get better, physically and mentally. But this decision just makes no since. He is too good and too young to hang up his cleats. There is something bigger brewing here:

That’s right, the XFL. With the XFL announcing their teams this week, it seems all to obvious Andrew’s retirement will be a minor setback for a major comeback.

It’s no secret his father, Oliver Luck, is the commissioner of the XFL. But making things more intriguing is the fact Andrew is a born and raised Houstonian, having played for Stratford High School.

Why does Andrew being from Houston play a factor in this theory? Boom:

The Houston Roughnecks. And they are in need of a QB1.

With the season more than a year away it would be plenty of time for Andrew to get his mind and body right.

Right now, all reports indicate the Roughnecks are interested in Tom “Savage” Savage:

Image result for tom savage

While Tom is guy who brings pizazz and flare to the QB position, he has also made it clear he is not looking to take a team friendly deal. Quite the opposite actually. He is looking for a 7yr/$45K deal. Pretty steep. The Roughnecks would surely have to move some numbers and players around to make it work.

Andrew, however, will most likely be a man on a mission. Desperate to bring his hometown a Championship, to which he could then shove down the haters throats:

I don’t imagine Andrew will be worried about the money. This comeback will be about pride, honor and redemption.

Andrew Luck, our first and next Roughnecks QB1.

So long as OJ doesn’t kill him in the meantime:

PS: This will always be the most heartbreaking press conference of all time: