Houston Rockets

Is James Harden The New Oprah

Yesterday, Harden donated 240K to the city of Houston to help renovate and create basketball courts across Houston’s urban communities. What did you do? I drank 12 white claws and watched my girlfriend plant like 15 plants.

Not only was he donating money, he was also helping change images and brands:

Lets not forget either, just a few weeks ago Harden was also passing around money in the Bahamas like a modern day Robin Hood.

This is exactly why Morey declared Harden the GOAT and why Harden shoud have been the 2018-2019 MVP. Name another NBA player creating these type of assists in the offseason? MJ is out golfing/gambling and LeBron has turned his entire focus to celebrating #TacooooooTuesday. What’s Harden doing? Heโ€™s out giving away all his money to the less fortunate. The assists that really matters, the assist that changes not just the game but people’s lives. Thatโ€™s the type of assists that earns you the GOAT title and is exactly why people are now calling him the new Oprah.


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