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Rate Austin FC Owner Matthew McConnaughey’s Inspirational Speech To The Texas Football Team

I would say he owned it. If not a 10, a 9.9.

Best line of the speech: “So, last night, I was thinking about renting or owning….”

That very next day, McConnaughey is announced as an owner of Austin FC.

People thought because McConnaughey was wearing that green scout team jersey, he was just method acting. But nope. McConnaughey really had been thinking about owning the night before. Talking late into the night with his wife about whether he wanted to rent, lease or own Austin FC. Glad he chose ownership though. Renting an MLS team seems problematic. And don’t even get me started on the dangers of leasing.

Hell of a speech nonetheless. Some people may disagree, call it over the top. Which I get. The Minister of Culture can bring too much heat for some people.

However, I don’t think anyone disagrees McConnaughey is now the best looking owner in all of professional sports:


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