BREAKING: Derek Will Be The Next Bachelor

I didn’t get into the Take business to break Bachelor news. I really didn’t. But when you get a hot tip, you have to run with it. So, here I am.

A source very close with a top producer of the show revealed to me that Derek will be the next Bachelor. The source said it’s 100% happening and will most likely be announced after the last episode of Bachelor in Paradise airs.

Now, if you watch the bachelor/bachelor in paradise, Derek being the next Bachelor isn’t exactly shocking. First of all, he looks identical to Jim and people love Jim:

If he looked like Toby, he would not be getting the Bachelor gig. That’s just a fact.

Besides being a Jim Halpert lookalike, Derek has had his heart broken THREE times on the show.

First, he was a contestant on JoJo’s season of the Bachelorette but she cut his ass after hometowns. Then, he went on Paradise and found love with Taylor, leaving the show engaged. Unfortuantely, that fell apart too.

Derek returned this season to Paradie with vengeance though. Desperate, yet certain to find love. And it honestly look like he had. He and Demi got off to an instant heated, passionate, whirlwind of a romance.

But, just like all good love stories, Demi ended up being a lesbian:

Brutal. But, Derek handled it with class. Even intiating a meet up with Demi and her lover. At the meeting Derek said while he was disappointed, he was happy Demi was happy. A real Love Wins type of a guy and a classy move.

Some would point to the fact if Derek would have surprised Demi with an ex-girlfriend he was still in love with, Demi would have freaked out. Derek would also have been vilified by the Bachelor community. But Derek didn’t go that route. Which won him alot of fans amongst the Bachelor community and now has officially won him the lead role as the next Bachelor.

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