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Is LSU Trying To Sabotage UT Before September 7th?

If diabetes kills over 250,000 American’s a year, I cannot even imagine how many injuries it causes to football players? Or coaches for that matter:

Now people may say, how do you know LSU sent Texas the Popeyes? Couldn’t it have just been an advertisement/promotion by Popeyes — send a bunch of chicken sandwiches to the football team and they’ll post it to social media?

Well, that is EXACTLY what they want you to think.

Do you know where Popeyes was founded? Louisiana. Do you know where the founder of Popeyes was from? Louisiana. Do you know where over 50% of Popeyes restaurants are located? Louisiana. And do you know who Texas plays September 7th? Louisiana State University.

Connect the dots people. It’s called Popeyes LOUISIANA Kitchen for a reason. And they are not as dumb as you may think:

Ever since the new Popeyes chicken sandwich launched, it has been all the rage on the internet and city streets. People of all shapes, sizes, religious beliefs, political views, athletes, fatasses, just screaming from the hill tops about these sandwiches. Now, LSU is trying to cash in on the Popeyes craze and unfortunately, they are doing quite a good job at it.

Even if the players/coaches are lucky enough to not get diagnosed with diabetes before September 7th, you can’t tell me the entire team grubbing down on unlimited Popeyes a week before the season is ideal eating habits. Not exactly a breakfast/lunch/dinner of champions.

Coming in to this game, I had been VERY confident in UT. I even have hammered UT +1.5. But this video has me rattled.


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