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Is This The Best Film To Have Ever Been Created?

Oscar nominated. 100% rotten tomatoes. Up for ever Emmy award. Fuck man, give the video a Grammy. Just an absolute cinematic masterpiece. It legit had everything you could possibly want: Drama, Emotion, Love, Laughs and FOOTBALL.

When people ask, does the perfect video exists? Yes bro, and it features Sam Ehlinger.

For real, if this this video doesn’t make you an instant Sam stan then you’re just an asshole. The dude’s story is unreal. Heartbreaking but inspiring. The guy has put his family, his team and now his hometown city on his fucking back. And he ain’t slowing down.

Honorable Mention Video:

Cannot wait to watch the ladies compete this year. Not a season goes by the girls don’t bring absolute heat. With Micaya White coming back for her senior year, she is going to be a fucking problem on the hardwood. I once watched her as a freshman single handedly bring the Horns back from two sets down against BYU to win the Sweet 16. I was with my buddies Kyle and Scott sipping airplane bottles of vodka at Gregory gym. It was quite the scene. My guy Kyle got so pissed at the early play he fucking left the game down two sets. Scott and I rode it out. To this day, that may be a top 5 best decision I’ve ever made. Never watched a greater comeback in my life. I probably never will. Kyle, on the other hand probably hasn’t had a good night sleep since. This blog surely won’t make that better.


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