Should I Retire?

What were you doing TWO WEEKS ago when I gave the lock of the season? If not going immediately to your bookie and placing the bet, then that’s a problem. Because Texas State had one of the all time backdoor covers last night. Although some people are saying there really was never a doubt. I know that’s what I’m preaching. I’ve been on this for two weeks and have done my best to spread awareness of how bad the Aggies are going to be this year.

Their offense last night looked like maybe they’ll win 7 to 8 games this year. They had two big plays for TDs but besides that never really got it going. Don’t get me wrong, Texas State didn’t exactly play well either. The 2 QBs they had playing threw a combined 4 INTs. Not great. But their defense was solid considering they were on the field the majority of the night. And as the night went on they were able to make some big stops to keep A&M from pulling away from the spread.

With about 3:00 minutes left in the game, it became obvious the backdoor cover was going to come into play. A&M had taken out their starters and Texas State was driving. But some people didn’t see it so clear:

This comes from our IG account. And the guys commenting are friends of the program. But unfortunately, now they content. People should know better than to chirp before the game is over. I’m hearing an argument is being made that -33.5 was the spread before kick off. Yeah, I agree Vegas caught wind the Aggies suck and the line dropped hours before kick off. A lot of people had it around -34 or -33.5. But the problem with that argument is my blog on the lock of the season came TWO weeks ago.

So, where do I go from here? I just cashed in on the lock of the season the very first day of the season? Do I retire? Or do I give out just one more lock?

Texas -20.5


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