Austin Longhorns

Out Of Labor On Labor Day Weekend

Pretty surprising news out of Nola. Throughout the preseason, it seemed like Lil’Jordan was making big waves down in the bayou.

In his first game he had this monster catch and TD:

Then in the second game LJ contributed with this clutch catch on the Saints game-winning drive:

And this past Thursday, he had a hell of a 43 yard snag from Teddy Bridgewater:

But at the end of the day, it wasn’t enough to make the roster. I’m sure the haters will say Lil’Jordan made a Big’Mistake leaving after his junior year. Pointing to the fact he didn’t get drafted and now finds himself looking for labor on Labor Day Weekend. Tough look. Not to mention, after UT’s dominate performance last night, it seems like he is sure to miss out on a National Championship ring.

But I don’t think it’s over for LJ. In just three preseason games, he had four catches, 103 yards and a touchdown. Those are solid numbers for an undrafted rookie. But unfortunately, he chose to try and make a team that’s already stacked at receiver.

The good news for LJ though is he was able to put some good work on tape this preseason. There definitely has to be teams out there that took notice and it would be pretty shocking if he doesn’t find his way on someone’s 53 man roster by the start of the regular season.