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Is Justin Verlander The Best Pitcher To Have Ever Taken The Mound?

Name me another pitcher who threw their 3rd No-Hitter of their career on Labor Day weekend? I’ll wait.

Yesterday, everyone in this country was just chilling, drinking White Claws. But not Verlander. He was grinding against the Bluejays. Just mowing down batters. 14 strikeout on 120 pitches. Incredible.

There are now only two pitchers who have thrown more No-Hitters than Verlander, and that would be Nolan Ryan and Sandy Koufax. But the fact Verlander threw his 3rd at age 36 is ridiculous. This was also his second time to throw a No-Hitter against Toronto. Need to file that stat away for next time Verlander pitches against Toronto. Take the under and take Verlander. Noted.

The post-game celebration was awesome too.

But what I took away most from the celebration was Verlander instantly wanting to credit his teammates:

A No-Hitter is one of the more individual stats you can have but Verlander didn’t see it that way. This is what separates him from the herd. The guy just fucking gets it.

And as if Verlander’s day couldn’t get any better, he then gets a shoutout from his supermodel wife:

What a time to be Justin Verlander.

PS: You know who probably wasn’t celebrating Verlander’s No-Hitter; Detroit Free Press. Losers.