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Zeke’s Mom Shuts Down All The Reports and Sources Saying A Deal Is Close

Yesterday, the reports and sources were running rampant with rumors the Zeke deal was done.

Unfortunately, I was one of these people too. I mean, there was footage of Jerry in Cabo picking up Zeke on his yacht, how could I not run with the story:

But it’s a tough look for me and the rest of the sources because Zeke’s mom shut us all the fuck up, on Labor Day nonetheless:


For the record, that is actually Zeke’s mom’s twitter account. And she’s letting us all know we are a bunch of #FakeNews idiots. Hand up, that’s on me. At the end of the day, I have to chalk it up to wishful thinking. The season is less than one week away and Zeke is still in Cabo catching a tan, when he should be catching footballs. It hurts.

What’s the hold up? Most likely, the Cowboys have offered Zeke more than Gurley but it just isn’t in that 15%-20% range. Which of course is what Zeke is looking for based on his retweet last week:

My guess, the offer is about 5%-10% more than Gurley and Zeke is playing hardball until he gets to at least 15%. And why shouldn’t he? He is the best running back in the league. He’s a Hall Of Famer. If the Cowboys don’t want to pay him like he is, than another team sure as hell will.

So, Jerry, please get back on your yacht and start the voyage back to Cabo, pay Zeke 5yrs/$110 milly, and return him back to America before Week 1. Thanks.

UPDATE: Zeke’s mom caught wind of this blog and is adamant the tweet did not mean a deal wasn’t close, and in fact the tweet had nothing to do with Zeke:

So, then what did her tweet imply today? No clue. I guess there are other things besides Zeke’s deal people were speculating. Apologies to Ms. Zeke’s Mom, we just want to see your son back on the field in Blue and Silver.