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Rate These LSU Fans Making Their Way To Austin

First, we have this guy who was spotted weeks ago heading to Austin:

In my opinion, he is an absolute non-factor. Just too old and too slow for Texas fans to be worried about. Not to mention, he is wearing a full suit in 100 degree Texas heat. Combine the suit with walking for weeks, he is sure to be dehydrated by kickoff. Also, judging by his age, he will definitely not be able to hang physically with a rowdy UT crowd, but the fact he went with a full suit for his trek makes me believe he may not be able to hang mentally either. For those reasons, I’m not losing sleep over this old man playing any role in the outcome of the game.

But these ladies, they are a problem:

I’ll admit it. They bring absolute heat. The clear eyes, full bellies, can’t lose mentality should definitely have fans worried. We can only hope they’ll be too stuffed to have any significant impact on the game. However, they are definitely two people UT fans need to keep their eyes on leading up to kickoff.

But, I’ll tell you who DOES NOT have me worried, this guy:

If he thinks he is going to hula hoop from Baton Rouge to Austin by Saturday, he’s got another thing coming. With the piss poor hip thrusting that is on display in this video, he’s lucky if he gets to Beaumont by game time.

Next, we have these two dudes:

Image result for LSU fans funny

Rumor has it they actually won’t be making it to the game. Apparently, their car broke down in Orange, Texas. Luckily for them though, there was a Whataburger near by and they were able to eat away their sorrows. Even if they were to make it to the game, painting their faces at that age, on top of the fact the game is still three days away, is just a horrible look that screams I’m not ready for primetime.

Honorable Mention:

If I’m an LSU fan and I see this Texas good boy coming, I’m turning around and heading right back to BR:


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