Should These LSU Players Be Suspended?

On the surface, LSU looks like they have all the pieces to be great this year. In their Week One 55-3 beatdown over Georgia Southern, their new spread offense looked fire, the defense was beastly per usual and the special teams were solid. But what you couldn’t see on the field was team chemistry. And unfortunately for LSU, this video reared its ugly head. And boy is it an ugly video.

Days before the biggest game of the season and probably their careers, this is how they are treating each other behind closed doors? Sad. You really hate to see a team talk so negative about one another. Just bashing their own teammates with verbal insults and ridicule? It’s disturbing. Some are even calling for Coach O to suspend the entire team for the game. Honestly, I think it would be the right move. Teach these young men a lesson in leadership and class. But if he isn’t going to suspend the entire team, he has to suspend the players in the video. Right? Team chemistry is one of the most critical elements to successful teams and while it may be harsh I think it is a life lesson these guys clearly need to learn. Some things are bigger than football, and respecting one another is one of them.