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Cramps can be very painful. Just ask my girlfriend once a month. And last night, LSU’s defense had to stop the game 6 separate times with alleged cramps. Just dropping to the ground after any and all big plays. I was concerned for those guys too, because like I said earlier, I take cramps very seriously. And it was fucking scorching yesterday in DKR.

But then I noticed UT’s defense didn’t seem to be having the same cramp issue. In fact, they stopped the game 0 times due to cramps. ZERO. Something just doesn’t add up there.

It’s very disappointing to see a team like LSU, a team that calls itself an elite, top program in the country make a mockery out of cramps. To fake an injury that real, hard working people have to deal with day in and day out. And for what purpose? To slow down Ehligner and UT’s offense. Sad. Classless.

Did LSU have to cheat to beat UT last night? I don’t know, but people are definitely starting to ask. Fans can only hope the College Football playoff selection committee will file #crampgate away when making its selections come December.


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