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#AirConditionGate UPDATE: Texas AD Chris Del Conte Says LSU and La Tech Are Full Of Shit

This response by UT’s Athletic Director ,Chris Del Conte (CDC), comes hours after Coach O’s slandering remarks at his press conference, claiming UT shut off LSU’s locker room air conditioning Saturday and did the same to Louisiana Tech last week:

Look, if you don’t have air conditioning on a 100° Texas summer day, you tell someone. Doesn’t matter if you’re 80yrs old or 10yrs old, meathead or bookworm, conservative or liberal, people let the world know if their AC isn’t working. At minimum, they tweet out their complaint. But AD CDC said he never heard a peep about any air conditioning issue from LSU or La Tech until today. Interesting.

What gives Coach O? Your air conditioning is “out” and you don’t bother asking anyone about it. If the lights weren’t on when you got to the locker room, would you just have assumed you had no electricity either?

But obviously, this isn’t about AC. It’s about LSU catching a lot of heat (no pun intended) for #CrampGate and now Coach O has to make excuses for his team’s cheating behavior. Also, does LSU think we just forgot about this move they pulled Saturday:

Really makes you think.

UPDATE on the UPDATE: The Plot Thickens:

Update On The Update On The Update Of #ACGate: Louisiana Tech AD, Tommy McClelland, denies ever telling LSU the AC at DKR was shut off and says the AC was in fact working when they played Week 1 in DKR


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