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The Best Offensive Performance Since 1996?

The Dak attack is back. 25 of 32 passing, 405 yards, 4 TDS, 0 INTS, 158.3 passer rating and still no contract. Yet.

I’ve watched a lot of Cowboys football in my lifetime and yesterday’s game was without a doubt the best offensive performance I’ve seen from the Cowboys since the Aikman/Smith/Irvin era. Just complete dominance from start to finish. Dak made the Giants look like they had trotted out a BIG12 defense to play the game. Just firing on all cylinders, to a million different weapons, ALL DAMN GAME.

Michael, thoughts on the game?

Don’t worry, Mike, we’ll definitely give Dak his proper due here. In fact, we will also make a guarantee. Dak Prescott will win the 2019 MVP and Super Bowl MVP. There, I said it.

In postgame interviews, Dak was asked how much fun it was to have three playmakers running deep downfield to choose from: “Just three? I think it’s more than that. Surrounded by talent. This offense is full of it. It’s fun. It’s fun to be a part of. It’s fun to be the quarterback of this group.”

Zeke echoed the same sentiment: “Dak had a helluva performance out there. Their defense was really keyed in to the run. We just have way too many weapons on the outside and we made them hurt.”

While Dak had a hell of a game, I do think a lot of credit has to go to OC Kellen Moore. He was dialed in yesterday and just completely put the Giants defense in a mental pretzel. There was not one point in that game that it looked like the Giants had an answer on how to stop our offense.

Ezekiel Elliott on Kellen Moore: “I just think he did a great job, spreading the ball around and getting a bunch of different guys different looks. We looked damn good today.”

What did Dak think the secret was to his big game? Dak: “Great play-calling. … We got talent on this offense. It’s fun to be a part of.”

The Cowboys better take advantage of this season with Kellen Moore because I don’t think he will be around for long. If the offense keeps playing like they did yesterday, he’ll be a Head Coach in this League by the 2020 season.

PS: Did anyone celebrate the Cowboys win harder than the Cheerleaders? After all the retirements they had this off-season, it’s great to see this new group of ladies seem to have the fire and enthusiasm to cheer the Boys on to their first Super Bowl in over 20 years: