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Coach O Claims UT Intentionally Shut Off The Air Conditioning In LSU’s Locker Room

Even if what Coach O is saying is true, show me in the rulebook where the home team is required to provide the visiting team air conditioning in their locker room. Using UT’s world class amenities is a perk of playing them at DKR. A luxury. However, it does not mean the visiting team is entitled to use all of the amenities, including AC.

Entitlement culture is a real thing in this Country. Specifically, when it comes to millennials. Unfortunately, it sounds like it’s a rampant problem within the LSU football program.

I spent 7 hours tailgating in no AC, did you see me holding a press conference about being too warm? Nope. And I never would. Because I understand football is hot. Tailgating is hot. It’s part of the game. I’m prepared for it. In fact, I embrace it.

Also, how about Coach O saying Louisiana Tech warned him about the no AC. LOL. Louisiana Tech acting like they could have won if it wasn’t for the damn AC. 45-14 La Tech, I can promise you the AC or the lack thereof, was a complete non-factor in that game.

But obviously, this isn’t about AC. It’s about LSU catching a lot of heat (no pun intended) for #CrampGate and now Coach O has to make excuses for his team’s cheating behavior. Y’all won the game, just move on and focus on trying to beat us when we inevitably faceoff again in the College Football Playoffs. You won’t have the heat/no AC/cramp excuses come January.


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