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Rate SMU Football’s Newest Tradition

SMU quarterback Shane Buechele drops back for a pass attempt during the first half against Arkansas State in an NCAA college football game Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019, in Jonesboro, Ark. (Quentin Winstine/The Jonesboro Sun via AP)

Is SMU the hottest college football team in Texas? No. Absolutely not. However, beating Arkansas State and then North Texas this past weekend does give the Ponies a 2-0 record, which unfortunately is better than UT at the moment. But obviously, wins over Arkansas State and North Texas are nothing to write home about. So, why the hell am I blogging about SMU two weeks into the season?

Because of the newest tradition they unveiled this weekend aka the Turnover Bottle Service:

Is there anything more SMU than Turnover Bottle Service? The Ponies absolutely knocked it of the park with this tradition.

And I get SMU did not invent celebrating a turnover. Miami of course famously has the Turnover Chain:

This past weekend, Akron debuted the Turnover Pencil:

And UNC busted out the Turnover Belt:

But I just don’t think any tradition quite nails what the school and program is all about more than SMU’s Turnover Bottle Service At The Club. Just too perfect.

Official rating: 8.7/10