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UT’s Mascot, Bevo, Refuses To Go By Bevo?

So, big news out of 40 acres today. Bevo wants to be called Hook’Em. Arguing Hook’Em has always been the name on the back of the costume. He seems to be so adamant about this Hook’Em movement that he’s now claiming he never even was Bevo?

Yeah, sure thing, Bevo.

It’ s 2019. I don’t see Gender. Sex. Race. Sexuality. Religion. I sure as hell don’t see Names. And neither should you, Bevo. Just let people call you what they will, do a dance, take the picture and move on with life.

And I’m honestly not trying to pile on here but Hook’Em is dumb. Just “Hook” sounds way better. But obviously you’re Bevo, Bevo.


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