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Rate Austin FC’s New Fight Song

If that ain’t a 10 it’s a 9.9. “Alright, Alright, Alright, Austin FC” is as cool as it gets, man.

Today, Austin FC finally broke ground on the the new stadium and Owner/Actor/Minister Of Culture/Professor McConaughey was leading the charge. Busiest man in showbiz just got busier, taking a lead role in building a $250 million stadium by 2021.

I for one love to see McConaughey getting over the Texas v. LSU loss by moving on to soccer. Some say Texas still has a lot of season left, and they do, but McConaughey knows better than to put all his eggs all in one basket. Diversify, brother. Pretty sure he said that in Wolf of Wall Street or The Big Short, maybe both?

Don’t think McConaughey’s shirt slipped passed me. That’s a 10/10 as well. Absolute fire. If you’re not wearing a black pearl snap with flowers on it when breaking ground on a new stadium, are you even livin, man?


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