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MUST WATCH: Tank Lawrence Just Gave The Most Important Life Lesson To A Kid That You Will Ever See

Some things are bigger than sports. And teaching our generation’s youth a valuable lesson about life, humility, fandom and common sense is MUCH bigger than football. We applaud you, Tank. If only every athlete could be so caring and willing to teach. Lebron is probably spending his day making a Taco Tuesday YouTube video. Not Tank though. He is out on the streets, moonlighting as a Life Coach to any kid who will listen. And this kid definitely needs a few life lessons. Because judging by him sulking off to his dad, he clearly did not learn what Tank was trying to preach. So, here is the lesson, kid.

If you’re wearing a fucking Giants jersey, you should not be asking Cowboys players to sign your Giants jersey. Not just because the Cowboys are your archenemy but because you will look like a damn fool in school. Even worse, a fair weather fan — oh, the Cowboys just stomped our ass so now I’m going to root for the Cowboys and turn in all my Giants gear — Come on, kid. Be better. Have some pride. You just drafted Daniel Jones with the number 1 overall pick, I can assure you there will be more loses in your future. But you have to learn to roll with the punches. To spinzone the loss. Make excuses like bad coaching or shitty refereeing. But, you absolutely just cannot change your allegiance to each team the Giants lose to. That is no way to go about life. After all, if you have two teams do you even have one?

The fact Tank is getting heat for this video is a travesty. Tank tried to help this kid not look like an idiot and this is the treatment he gets? Villainized by the media. Very disappointing. Luckily, Tank seems to be taking it all in stride and is able to recognize the importance of at least trying to teach this kid a valuable lesson, even if the kid won’t recognize it himself.