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Does LSU Football Have A Chicken Sandwich Problem?

The above #ChickenGate news was reported to me straight from Bevo’s mouth. Bevo is a huge chicken sandy guy, so I have no reason to doubt him. He’s been my chicken source for years. After all, he rather see chickens get slaughtered than his own kind, which is why he’s always got the latest and most accurate news when it comes to all things chicken.

But then Michelle Herman, Coach Herman’s wife, came over the top and reported this:

Now, this really started to make me think — Why wouldn’t LSU just order chicken sandwhiches from their own, local establishment Raising Canes to begin with? Canes was founded in Baton Rouge and there just so happens to be a Canes on MLK blocks from DKR stadium. This was a huge red flag to me. Something was amiss. So, I dug deeper. I called Bevo and asked him point blank — what do you know about Raising Canes and LSU Football — Sure enough, he knew a lot.

Get this. Apparently, Coach O at a press conference over the summer accused Raising Canes of having shitty air conditioning at their campus location in Baton Rouge. Coach O said he had even spoken to other chicken Restaurants that agreed with him. Canes denied this nasty rumor, and even had CEO’s of rival stores like Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes come out and say they’ve never experienced bad air conditioning while dining at Canes. They also denied ever telling Coach O that Canes had bad AC issues to begin with. However, the damage was done. Since that press conference, Canes has sworn to never allow Coach O or the LSU football program to eat another chicken sandy from one of their locations again.

So, with Popeyes Chicken sandwiches now extinct and Canes no longer willing to serve LSU, they are left with Chi-fil-A. But here is where things get intersting. Bevo called me this afternoon to fill me on some unconfirmed gossip he had been hearing amongst his close circle: Chick-fil-a caught wind that LSU didn’t even want their sandwiches Saturday and were absolutely blindsided and insulted. They too are now apparently banning Coach O and LSU Football from all Chick-fil-A restaurants across America. Wow.

So, does LSU have a chicken sandwich problem? I don’t know, you tell me.


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