Is a QB Controversy Brewing Up In Waco?

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This probably isn’t the sexiest QB controversy in the history of QB controversies, but after all it’s Baylor and God doesn’t approve of sexy. So, unless you religiously root for Baylor, you probably have no clue who their QB1 even is. That guy is Charlie Brewer. He was heavily recruited out of Lake Travis High School and is now in this third year as QB1. So far, he’s had a very solid career, passing for 4,943 and 36 TDs. Last week though, he left the UTSA game with a “burning sensation” in his feet.

Enter Redshirt Freshmen, Gerry Bohanon. And Gerry did not disappoint. The guy was on fire all game. Absolutely scorching UTSA through the air and on the ground. He reminded me of a Vince Young/RGIII combo with his long strides and ability to make everything look easy:

Here is what Head Coach, Matt Rhule had to say about the Gerry Show on Saturday: “You know, I’m fired up for him. He’s just such a likable guy, and I think you see some of the dynamic nature of some of the runs he was making. But you see when he comes in, he gives us a run game element that’s going to be hard for people. We’re not really playing him in the package right now, he’s waiting his turn, but when he does go in there, you can see some good things from him, I think.”

With Baylor off to a hot 2-0 start, the easy move for Coach Rhule would be to keep riding Brewer (so long as his feet cool down?) But, let’s get real, Brewer doesn’t exactly bring the heat, pizzazz and swag that Gerry does. Brewer is the safe choice. The boring choice. Fuck that. Lets make some noise this year. #TeamGerry


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