Austin Longhorns

The Jake Smith Party

The fUTure looks real bright in Austin. And real fucking fast.

Jake Smith ladies and gentlemen. And boy does he know how to throw a party.

With Colin Johnson being ruled out hours before kick off, the Jake Smith coming out party invitations were sent out promptly. It was THE party to be at if you were in H-town last night. A real who’s who. Jake knew it too and he did not disappoint. He put on a show for his 40,000+ guests. 6 REC, 75 YDs and 2 TDs.

The dude has been talked about on UT message boards since he was 15 years old, and last night we finally got ourselves a glimpse as to just how you get your name on Orange Bloods before you can even drive a car.

Through just three games, Jake has lived up to the recruiting hype train. I’ve already heard a lot of comparisons to Shipley. But those people need to get the fuck out of here with that nonsense. Jake is MUCH better than Shipley. Jake just may very well go down as a top three all time WR in UT history by the time his career is done.

For those who think that is just a hot take. Even an irresponsible take. It’s not. Let me fill you in on a little secret/fact: Roy Williams holds the record for most TDs caught by a freshman (8) at UT, and through just 10 quarters our boy Jake has (3). When you are on track to take down the GOAT Roy Williams freshmen TD record, you end up getting your name thrown in with him in GOAT talks after only playing three games. That’s just how it works.

Not to mention, you have to love Jake being all class off the field:

Love the maturity. I agree with Jake too. But honestly, there is no reason why we can’t figure out a way to put a few packages in that feature all three of them: Colin, Devin and Jake all on the field at once would be a HUGE problem for any defense lining up against them.

Either way, I enjoyed your party, Jake. Thanks for the invite. Hope I didn’t embarrass you too bad by shot gunning all the Claws before 10pm.


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