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Dez Bryant Wants To Rejoin The Cowboys

The Boys are all the rage right now after a hot 2-0 start and everyone wants in on the wagon. Including the X man himself. I don’t blame him either, if I had my pick of the litter to throw me a football, I’d pick Dak too.

However, logistically speaking it may be hard to find room for a 30 yr old Dez, being the Cowboys already have a stacked WR corps. But if Kellen Moore is the boy genuis people claim him to be, then he should be able to draw up a few packages featuring all four (Cooper, Gallup, Cobb and Dez) on the field at once. Problem city, Population every NFL defense.

I’m sure there are a lot of haters who will say Dez is too old. A shell of himself. A has-been. They will point to the fact he joined the Saints just last year only to get hurt just two days later. But Dez is no slouch. Don’t let a freak injury make you forget he is a three-time Pro Bowl player, who has totaled over 7,459 receiving yards and 73 touchdowns in his eight year career. The dude balled. And judging by the work out videos he regularly posts on his IG and Twitter, he still can:

I will say this though, Dez does have me a little confused by saying he “could retire properly” when he himself just months ago said he wasn’t retired at all? What gives Dez?

UPDATE: Things just got real interesting #DezWatch