Houston Texans

Jalen Ramsey To Houston?

Just one day after losing to the Texans, the No. 1 Corner Back in all of football wants out of Jacksonville.

And here is where things get interesting:

Boom. Now granted this IG exchange is from a few months ago when the Rockets acquired Westbrook. But here’s a question, besides the Westbrook trade, name me another Superstar recently “linkin up” in H-town? The Astros are notoriously built through their farm system. The Texans have never landed a “superstar” via free agency and I cannot imagine Jalen is referring to the Dynamo. He just doesn’t strike me as an MLS fan.

So, was Jalen talking about himself in this IG exchange? Was he foreshadowing a trade to come? I cannot be sure, although it does seem like H-Town has been on Jalen’s mind for a long time.

But on top of the thirsty H-Town IG exchange by Jalen, there’s also the fact that he and Deshaun share agents. You combine all of this with Jalen and Hopkins clearly being two dudes who have mad respect and love for one another: you get smoke. And when there’s smoke, there’s Jalen Ramsey in a Texans jersey.