Houston Rockets

Rockets Owner, Tilman Fertitta, Firing Shots At Chris Paul On A Casual September Afternoon

Rockets Owner Tilman Fertitta: “And James and Russ go back a long ways in California, so they can talk to each other like brothers, you know, instead of one (player) thinking that he’s the mentor. I just think it’s going to go well.”

Confirmed. Chris Paul is a effete, pompous, arrogant, infuriatingly know-it-all, asshole and Harden was sick of it. The rumors swirled all last season that Harden was fed up with CP3 and his bullshit. But people just couldn’t understand. How could Chris Paul, the fun, loving State Farm commercial star not be so fun, loving? Because he’s acting, idiots. In real life, Chris think’s his shit don’t stink. He truly believed he had earned the right to tell an MVP player how to ball. To treat Harden not as a peer but a subordinate.

The audacity of CP3 to think he can or should talk down to Harden is just unreal. Do you know how infuriating it would to go to work every day and have a midget co-worker who has accomplished nothing (no MVP, no Championship ring) tell you how to do your job? Harden wasn’t looking for a mentor, bro, he is the mentor. CP3 just couldn’t understand that. Which is why he was shipped off to Oklahoma and now will never get his MVP trophy or Championship ring.

As a Rockets fan, you got to love the awareness by Tilman here. He knew exactly what it would take for Harden and the Rockets to get to the next level. To finally get that elusive Championship ring. FUN. He wants the boys to have fun. To have chemistry. To enjoy coming to work. To enjoy competing for one another. To be brothers, not just teammates. Which besides signing Russ this off-season, had to be a large reason why he made sure to lock up Gordon, Capela and Tucker as well.

So far, it looks like it’s working out just as Tilman planned.