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Why Dak Prescott Is So Wrong

I hate to disagree with Dak. Especially when he’s coming off a 2-0 start, 51 of 62 passing, 674 yards, 7 TDs, 1 INT, 142.8 passer rating and 9 rushes for 81 yards. It really brings me no pleasure to disagree with a man currently on pace to throw for 5,000+ yards and 56 TDs this season. But, here we are. I firmly believe Dak is wrong in saying (1) he does not expect to be the highest paid QB and (2) he should not ask for those kind of riches if he hasn’t won a Super Bowl.

Dak, you should be asking for all the riches, my man! Take the MVMT watch right off my hand. It’s yours dude. You are young (26), you’ve had no significant injuries in your career, the Cowboys are in win-now mode with a star studded cast, a healthy and badass O-line, the best running back in the league, two potential Hall of Fame WRs and a defense that is finally firing on all cylinders. As for you, Dak, you personally are lighting it the fuck up this season. Just absolutely killing any defense that comes in your path.

If an MVP award was given out after two games, it without a doubt would be yours. But it’s not just this season’s stats that makes you deserving of the highest paid QB in the game title. It’s the past, present and future. Dallas has won 34 of your 50 regular-season starts, a success rate the Cowboys have not surpassed in any 50-game stretch since Troy Aikman was behind center. When you are spitting out Ws in the past, putting up HOF numbers in the present and trending up in your fourth year as a Pro, you get paid for your future. 10years/$1Billion is around the number I would be looking to.

But I don’t want to argue you with you anymore, Dak. It pains me too much. So, maybe just take a look back at some of your highlights from yesterday and try to understand why you are so, so wrong.