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Rate Quentin Jammer’s Childhood Story About Quandre Diggs

Quentin Jammer is one of my top 3 favorite Longhorns of all time. Other two being Ricky and Vince. So, any time I see a clip of Quentin it’s my duty as the President of the Quentin fan club to post it. Now, I usually stick to football highlights when it comes to Quentin posts but honestly that’s because I had no clue he was such a comedian. It also always blows my mind every time that Quentin and Quandre are brothers. DB genes running real strong in their family.

As to the actual story Quentin tells, it’s definitely funny. I would put it at a 6.7/10 story. But, Quentin owning a water bed in high school is laugh out loud. Is there anything more late 90s early 2000s than a waterbed? I once knew a kid in 6th grade who had a waterbed. Silk sheets too. Guy thought he was a legend. He wasn’t. Luckily for Quentin, he is and probably pulled off the water bed nicely until Quandre got his hands on a knife.

Also, how about the fact they blasted this interview out to the entire stadium. The poor lady knew it was getting awkward, just struggling for anything. Quentin is a man of few words though. He isn’t a clown who is going to just dance on cue. You got to work for it if you want a good story. And credit to her because after struggling for almost two minutes, she got a classic knife to waterbed story.