Houston Rockets

Tilman Fertitta Continues To Ride His Hot Streak

Tilman is on a fucking roll, man. Granted he’s out promoting his new book “Shut Up And Listen”, which may make him the first billionaire to go a book promotion tour, regardless though he is dropping bombs this week. Just crushing these interviews. Some are even saying he’s giving Cuban a run for his money as the most vocal NBA owner in the League.

Just yesterday, he fired shots at Chris Paul and today we have him crowning Harden last year’s league MVP, giving D’Antoni two years job security, saying Harden is the best post defender in the league (when he wants to be), and my personal favorite, throwing out very loose stats like most stars don’t win a Championship until they’re 30yrs+.

The combination of him and GM Daryl Morey is awesome. I honestly don’t think there’s a better Owner/GM duo in pro sports right now. Just two guys who say whatever the fuck they want, when they want. They don’t make excuses. They’re unapologetic. They listen to the fans. And most importantly, they are without a doubt putting together an NBA Championship team that can win NOW.

PS: This is what Chris Paul posted to his IG story yesterday after Tilman fired his shots:

What a loser. Surprise they even have cell phone service in Oklahoma for CP to post that.