Art Briles Is Accused Of Potentially Cheating At His New High School Coaching Gig

Notorious cheater, cover upper, Waco bad boy, Art Briles is apparently back on his bullshit. Matt Stepp, a writer for Dave Campbell’s Texas Football broke the news that the DEC (District Executive Committee) is meeting to determine the eligibility of several Mount Vernon football players. The DEC is made up of Superintendents from various other Districts and today they’ll be looking into allegations that football players were illegally recruited to Mount Vernon due to not passing the required transfer protocols.

In order for a high school athlete to transfer schools and be eligible to play, the player’s previous coach must sign off on it and the new school’s Superintendent and AD are responsible for checking and confirming the living status of the player. All PAPF’s are reviewed by the DEC and if there is at minimum one “red flag” that appears on the form, a DEC meeting is held and after discussion, possible evidence or explanation, a vote is taken. If denied, the player and parents can appeal to the UIL.

In this instance, the DEC is looking at whether Art Briles and Mount Vernon followed these protocols or whether they illegally recruited players who did not live within the District as required. However, there are a lot of rumbling this is just a witch hunt. Because in Art’s first year as head coach of the Mount Vernon Texas High School football team, he has dominated. Just three games into the season, the ex-Baylor coach is 3-0, with his team outscoring opponents 151-36, including the team’s most recent victory, a 57-0 crushing of Canton High School. A lot of Art Briles’ stans believe other schools in the Mount Vernon District are just jealous and are throwing as many allegations as possible against the wall to see what will stick. But of course, it is hard not to wonder, could Art really be back to his cheating ways?


Live look at Art:

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Art may have covered up numerous sexual assault allegations at Baylor but he DID NOT illegally recruit high school football players to Mount Vernon. Noted.


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