Should Nic Cage Be An Honorary Texan?

The answer is yes. Sign him up yesterday. And people may say Cage doesn’t want to be a Texan. He’s Vegas through and through. But let me tell you something. You simply do not wear that Cowboy fit and not want to be a Texan. You just don’t.

That outfit screams of a guy who wants to be a true, All-American, red blooded, Texan. Own a ranch in West Texas, marry young, get mailbox money from granddaddy’s oil field in Midland, drink too much whiskey, smoke heaters on the reg and put way too much money on the Horns’ money line.

Non-Texans will have you think Cage wore the Cowboy fit to the premiere of his new movie Running With The Devil for promotion purposes only:

But that makes zero sense. The movie has nothing to do with Cowboys or Texas. So, those people are just idiots.

Nic, we’re glad to have you on board. Let me know if you need to borrow a horse until you get your feet under you.