Texas Tech

How Dumb Is Texas Tech?

You cannot look at yourself in the mirror as a Texas Tech fan and honesty say you didn’t wish Mike Leach wasn’t still the Raiders Head Coach. It’s been 10 years since the firing and the Tech football program has yet to exceed Leach’s regime.

People may point to the Kingsbury days. Bro, Kingsbury wasn’t even close to being on the same page as Leach. I agree, Kingsbury was hot. Stunning. No doubt. So is Leach though. But, Leach brings a lot more to the table. Wins, stories, flair, pizazz, unlimited amount of NFL QBs, etc.

Bottom line, Mike Leach is a fucking legend. And Tech let him go for being too mean to Craig James’ son? That is the softest shit ever. It has to haunt the football program, athletic department and more importantly, the fans. Just no way they don’t regret this move. If you’re a Tech fan, I’ll leave you with this, it’s better to have loved, than to never have loved at all.

PS: I will never forgive Texas Tech for getting crushed by Arizona last weekend. Cost me way too much money. This is now a Texas Tech hate blog until further notice.


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