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What The Fuck Is This?

This clearly has to be a troll post by ESPN and PlayStation, right? Easiest way to get engagement is put up an absurd stat like this, get Horn fans all riled up, sit back and watch thousands of comments pour in. Well, congrats, ESPN. It worked. I’m fucking pissed. My day would be ruined if it wasn’t for Thursday Night Football at Matt’s El Rancho tonight.

Mond shouldn’t even be sniffing the top 25 QBs in College Football. Let alone the top 5 and ABOVE Ehlinger.

These are Mond’s stats for the entire season:

Total yards: 747

Total TDs: 5

Total INTs: 3

Total Rushing: 51

What. The. Fuck. Ehlinger has better stats through one fucking half against Rice.

Ehlinger’s stats this season:

Total yards: 956

Total TDs: 11

Total INTs: 0

Total Rushing: 121

Ehlinger clearly blows Mond out of the water in EVERY stat. There is not one thing Mond does better in LIFE than Ehlinger. Unless you consider throwing more INTs a good thing? Everyone, please do me a favor and join me in clicking the unfollow button on @espncfb.


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