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Will Mike Gundy’s Mullet Make It Out Of Austin Alive?

It’s not only sad but it’s pathetic when the talk of a football program is centered around the head coach’s haircut. Unfortunately, for OSU, that is the current state of their program. Unranked and not a single player nationally known. The OSU football program has Gundy’s mullet and that is about fucking it.

Which is a tough look for the Pokes, because Gundy’s Mullet isn’t even legit. I’d give it a 5.2/10. It’s an off-brand version of Theo Von’s. Even Gundy’s wife agrees, calling it “ugly and unappealing….even for me.”  

OSU and Gundy’s wife though thought they had seen the mullet nightmare come to an end this Summer when Gundy got his hair trimmed. Gundy finally wanting to share the spotlight with his players. But the players weren’t having it. They forced Gundy to grow it back. To make matters worse, Gundy had the bright idea to dye it blonde.


But here is where the mullet saga really gets interesting. The most well known OSU alum, T. Boone Pickens, passed away this week and in his Will, he left $30 to Gundy to “get a god damned haircut.”

You cannot make this shit up. That actually happened.

“I’ve begged him for years to cut that god forsaken mullet off, maybe now as my dying wish he’ll take it more seriously,” said Pickens in his Will. 

So, the question is, after OSU gets their ass stomped this weekend, does Gundy immediately get his mullet chopped off? He has to, right? The Mullet will not make it out of Austin. You heard it here first.


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