Big Tex Is Back From The IR

Big Tex, the 55-foot tall cowboy LEGEND of the State Fair, is back at his post and ready to kick OU’s ass. Are you?

Ole Big Tex is coming into his 67th year at the Red River Shootout. And a lot of people had been questioning his return. Saying no way Big Tex could, or would, come back from the 2012 fire.

Plagued injuries. Torn ACL. Vape issues. A girlfriend who apparently dumped him for betting against UT basketball in the NIT Championship this past year.

But Tex said he wasn’t going down that way. He took his 95-gallon cowboy hat, 33-feet long belt buckle, 96 foot boots and suited back the fuck up for the 2019 shootout. 

Incredible. That’s why he’s Big Tex and you aren’t.


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