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Wearing A Speedo To A College Volleyball Game, Fashion Forward or Fashion Faux Pas?

I just can’t help but to air on the side of this is a very bad look. I respect passion. I really do. But this isn’t passion. This is a “me” move. It’s a I want to show off my 18 pack move. I did 1,420,690 breast strokes, 20,000,400 butterflies and 120,860,000 backstrokes this Summer to get these abs move. I’ll show them off at all cost, even at a girls college volleyball game move.

The good news for the Speedo bros though is the UT ladies did win. And in dominate fashion no less, sweeping Texas A&M 3-0. NOTHING would have been worse than going home a loser in your skimpy speedo.


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