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A.J. Hinch With The Clinch Speech For The Ages

If you aren’t taking Astros at +190 to win the World Series after that speech, what the fuck are you doing with your life? You heard A.J., this team is filled with MVPs, four different players with 30 homers, two Cy Young canidates, the youngest closer to 150 saves and the sure-fire Rookie of the Year. Only thing A.J. left off the list was MLB Manager of the Year. Because no doubt it should go to him.

The MLB is filled with divas and locker rooms that are complete dumpster fires. It’s almost impossible in this day and age to win a World Series and keep the core of the team together. Baseball can be such an individual sport that after a team has success, players feel entitled, they want to chase a bigger contract, point fingers when they are in a slump, demand trades, complain to the media directly or indriectly about their spot in the batting order, etc. Yet, somehow, that has never been the case with this Astros team.

Not only have the Astros been able to keep this team together, but have been able to add on to it seamlessly as well. The chemistry is stronger than it has ever been and you would be a complete idiot if you did not think A.J. was the key reasons for that happening.

Just ask the players themselves:

I also love during the speech that after every shout out A.J. gives, he shakes up the bottle a little more. That’s a guy who has experience popping bottles. A guy who has been there before. And A.J. definitely has. This aint his first post season and it sure as hell won’t be his first world series. #HangAnotherFlag