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There Will Be Beer Football fans at the University of Texas vs. University of Oklahoma Red River Showdown game this year will find a big increase in the amount of beer stands inside Cotton Bowl Stadium. The Fair Park stadium will now feature 26 beer stands during the Texas-OU game on Oct. 12, says Karissa Condoianis, spokeswoman for the State Fair of Texas. That’s 25 more than last year.

A classy move by the Cotton Bowl to give OU fans more outlets to drink away their sorrows during the ass kicking that is sure to go down October 12th. Last year it was tough to see all those poor Sooners standing in a SINGLE, long ass beer stand line. Just wanting to drink away their tears but had to wait an hour to do so. Most ended up soberly crying away in their nachos. Horrible look.

But not now. A 25% increase in beer concessions will surely do the trick. Hell of an upgrade by the Cotton Bowl.


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