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Is Matthew McConaughey Making Too Much Or Too Little Money Teaching At Texas?

Matthew McConaughey with writer-director Harmony Korine and his spring 2018 UT Austin class
Image result for matthew mcconaughey teaching The Longhorns’ Minister of Culture (an honorary, reportedly an unpaid position) makes $12,000 for every course he teaches independently at the University of Texas and $6,000 for every course he co-teaches, according to an offer letter obtained by

The 1993 UT alum served as a visiting instructor since 2015 and was appointed as a professor of practice to the Moody College of Communication’s Department of Radio-Television-Film (RTF) faculty beginning this fall. McConaughey has co-taught Advanced Producing: Script to Screen with UT professor Scott Rice since 2015; during this fall’s course, students will study “The Gentlemen” and “Mud.” “Mud” director Jeff Nichols is scheduled to visit.

$12K! That’s pocket change for the University of Texas! The administration needs to wake up and realize having Professor McConaughey teach at your University is fucking priceless. And if you were to quantify it, the price definitely would be more than a measly $12k. McConaughey’s weekly marijuna purchase probably cost more than that.

Do you know how many high school film students were packing their bags to head off to LA film school, heard McConaughey was teaching at UT and took the first Southwest flight to Austin? Probably all of them! Its called the McConaughey effect and it is very real.

Tom Herman gets paid $5 million a year. Which equates to $125,000 for every QUARTER he coaches. I’m not trying to say that is too much money either. Quite frankly, I don’t think it’s enough for a guy who has played an integral role in bringing Texas back. The point though is McConaughey is THE face of the University of Texas. He needs that Coach Herman money. And he needed it yesterday.

Don’t lose the face of the University because you wanted to penny pinch. Pay the Professor, I promise you he is worth all of it and more.


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