Houston Rockets

Blastin Off Like A Houston Rocket

Training camp officially kicks off tomorrow, but first things first #MediaDayHighlights:

As to be expected, the boys are looking real good. Although Russ needs to clean it up and tuck in the jersey. Come on, Russ. That’s day one shit right there. Also, this video has me a little nervous:

Luckily, Harden eased my nerves by CRUSHING these interview questions:

But, while Harden may believe in himself, do his teammates and Kobe Bryant have that same belief?

They sure as hell do!

You also got to love Harden reminding everyone that while he’s a Rocket, he’s an American first and foremost:

Now on to Westbrook. Does this sound like a dude who is ready to DOMINATE the 2019-2020 season?

When you realize you’re not in Oklahoma anymore:

Westbrook then makes his second wardrobe change of the day, slipping into the throwbacks. As you can expect, FIREEEEE:


But more importantly, he tucked in the jersey this time. Love to see after all these years Russ is still coachable.

And after a long, hard days work at #MediaDay, you got to let loose and live your best life:


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