The Texas State Rudy?

Joshua! Joshua! Joshua!

I’ll admit the chant doesn’t have quite the ring to it as “Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!”, but, nonetheless, Joshua Rowland has cemented himself in the history books as Texas State’s Rudy.

People will argue Rudy’s story was different. Strong disagree.

Just like Rudy, no one wanted Joshua. He was too small, haters said he didn’t have the leg. Bigger and better athletes like Cameron Dicker took his spot.

Like Rudy, Joshua sulked about it but eventually said fuck it, I’m going to work my ass off, while also doing what is best for the team.

Both Rudy and Joshua never gave up on their dream though. They scratched and clawed their way onto the field.

And just like Rudy, Joshua earned his spot on the team, made a huge play and was hoisted up onto his teammates shoulders and carried off the field like the Texas State legend he is.


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