Houston Rockets

GET RICH: Rockets -42.5 Tonight Against The Shanghai Sharks Is The Lock Of The NBA Season

NBA basketball is officially back, with the Rockets and Shanghai Sharks tipping off preseason basketball in H-Town tonight. Obviously, everyone is pumped to finally see Harden and Westbrook on the floor together. Unfortunately, that does not look like it’s going to happen tonight:

Which is fine. It would be foolish to throw Westbrook in this early if he is not 100% healthy. In my opinion, he probably shouldn’t be suiting up for any preseason games.

Either way, Westbrook playing or not playing is not what intrigues me about this game. What does though, is the giagantic -42.5 spread. This is of the biggest professional basketball spreads I have ever seen. Maybe even record breaking. But listen to me closely, HAMMER THE -42.5.

I understand why people would be intimidated to take it. 42.5 is a ridiculous amount of points to win by in basketball, fuck even football. But that is exactly what Vegas and/or your Bookie wants you to think. The Books are banking on the average, run of the mill gambler to look at that big ass number and say — NO FUCKING WAY a professional basketball team can lose by more than 42 points — and then hope you go big on +42.5. Don’t be that idiot.

Last year, when the Rockets played the Sharks in preseason, the Rockets won by 42 points, 128-86. Now, this may have some of you worried but last year the Sharks had Mormon legend, Jimmer Fredette. Jimmer put up 41 points in that game, going 16-40 from the field (40 shots from the field is just a hilarious amount of fucking shots). Well, Jimmer is no longer a Shark. He is FAR from Shanghai, now playing for the Panathinaikos of Greece. No clue what League that is but I do know it is not in China and definitely not the Shanghai Sharks.

Jimmer was the best player in the CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) last season, leading the league in total points scored. He was also the sole reason the Sharks didn’t loose to the Rockets by 100 points. Just think, if the Rockets crushed the Sharks by 42 points with the best player in the CBA playing on the Sharks, imagine the damage the Rockets are going to do now that he is gone? Not to mention, in 2017, with Jimmer on the Sharks back then as well, the Rockets won by 62 points, 144-82.

Bottom line is this, 42 points on its face may seem crazy, but in this game it most definitely is not. The Rockets have now played the Sharks three times since 2016, winning on average by 47 points. The Sharks no longer have their star player in Jimmer. And Harden, well he is Harden. Take Rockets -43.5 and buy me a margarita, White Claw and large queso next time you see me.