Houston Rockets

The Striptease

The Striptease.

I came up with the name a few months back when Harden first announced the new move. As times goes by and I see the move more and more, I just can’t help but to realize how much I nailed it.

First, make no mistake about it, James Harden loves strip clubs. Lives and breathes them. It’s his passion. His first true love.

But the actual move is by definition a tease. Slowly lifting one leg in the air, as you undress the opposing player with a quick three point dagger. Not to mention, looking very good and casual while doing it.

And like all good strip teases, it should come natural:

I agree with James here too. A striptease needs to be in everyone’s rotation. Doesn’t necessarily mean you need to use it every day but you should definitely have it in the playbook to bust out in emergency situations.