Boban Marjanovic Officially Becomes The SECOND Tallest Man To Ever Attend The Texas State Fair

Boban making his Texas State Fair debut is absolutely adorable.

Now playing for the Mavs and clearly a sucker for ferris wheels, pig races, funnel cakes and a good time, he just could not pass up an opportunity to attend the Texas State Fair.

But the 7’ 3” center had to be shocked when he ran into the man, the myth, the legend:

Big Fucking Tex.

The 55-foot tall LEGEND of the State Fair is back at his post and reminding everyone, including Boban Marjanovic, he still runs Texas. That the Red River Shootout still goes through him.

Ole Big Tex is coming into his 67th year at the Red River Shootout. A lot of people had been questioning his return. Saying no way BT could, or would, come back from the 2012 fire. 

Plagued by injuries. Torn ACL. Vape issues. A girlfriend who apparently dumped him for betting against UT basketball in the NIT Championship this past year. Doubters and haters were chomping at the bit to call it a career for Big Tex.

But Tex said he wasn’t going down that way.

He took his 95-gallon cowboy hat, 33-feet long belt buckle, 96 foot boots and suited back the fuck up for the 2019 season. He wasn’t going to allow Boban to take his spot as the Texas State Fair’s Tallest Man. Not just fucking yet, he said.

Incredible. That’s why he’s Big Tex and you are not.