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Jerry Jones Is Asked Whether Dak Is More Like Aikman Or Romo, His Answer Will Shock You

Has anyone ever answered a question, by not answering a question, better than Jerry not answering this question?

He doesn’t say Aikman. He doesn’t say Romo. He does says Brady, which definitely was not the question. But then he says he is not Brady.

Mind blown.

I would like to think that Jerry is out smarting reporters. Doing a little two step dance around a hard hitting question. But honestly, I just think Jerry is drunk.

It’s Friday, it’s the start of October, the smell of fall is in the air. PERFECT day drinking weather. Jerry knows it, he felt it right when he woke up this morning. Which is why he probably decided to pound bottomless mimosas and then go answer some rinky dink questions from reporters. Only explaination for such a ridiculous answer.