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Did A.J. Hinch Just Revolutionize The Way We Eat Sunflower Seeds?

Incredible. Humans have been eating sunflower seeds for hundred of years and somehow A.J. Hinch, in the middle of a playoff baseball game, just completely flipped the script on the sunflower eating game.

It is exactly why A.J. Hinch is the Manager of the Year and we are not. The efficiency. The ability to think outside of the box. The willingness to take chances and not be afraid to make a mistake. Remaining calm, cool and collected even though you only got 20% of the sunflower seeds in your mouth.

You can learn a lot about A.J. and the way he manages a team by simply just sitting back and watching him eat sunflower seeds. I know I sure did.

Bottom line, I’ll never eat sunflower the seeds the same ever again, and neither should you. It’s either the A.J. way of eating or don’t eat them at all.


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